Interim Manager

A boss ends or a vacancy suddenly occurs within the organization or company, How do you solve it - right now and in the near future? Are you thinking about letting an existing employee take this responsibility and "hold the positions" in addition to his regular duties, with the risk of losing results, time, market share, staff or money?

Can we give you advice? Help is available!

Different needs arise most all the time and over time. Then you want to have the skills and experience to rely on. A person with solid leadership experience, who has already done all the things you need help with. A senior interim consultant or management consultant who is quickly operational, leads, improves, delivers, fixes, takes responsibility, develops and creates lasting value and results. A doer that makes things done well simply, an implementation consultant.

Business as usual, but better with the help of a DLMC consultant.

Business Consultant

Business development and consulting

For us, business development is about having the ability to handle changes in the outside world that affect business, simply to get better at what you do. To teach everyone in the organization so that they know what to do and how - in what way - to achieve the goals. Everything is connected to the business: processes, systems, employees and how to work. It's easy to get a little home blind, to continue on the steep path as everything rolls up within the organization, until one day when it does not work anymore. Something has to be done. But what? What measures and decisions must be taken? What causes consequences? New eyes are needed and someone who has in-house thinking and vice versa. By experienced consultants who have worked with change management, who have developed different activities and processes and who actually know what is needed to implement that change journey. This is where I as a consultant come in as a resource for you. New thoughts and new perspectives are the key to making the organization better today and better equipped for the future.

Business analysis
Let me come out to you and do an ACTIVITY ANALYSIS of your business that usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks.
Business analysis is a structured and objective review of your organizational skills based on your business. Based on your organizational and technical conditions, you understand where you are today and where you should be tomorrow. It will contribute an invaluable tool in your investments for the future.
The purpose of the analysis is to identify areas that involve increased risk or where there is built-in potential for efficiency improvements. The analysis results in a number of recommendations and a proposed change plan.

Methodology and results in business analysis
An analysis project always starts with setting project goals where I, together with the customer, ensure that the impact targets are measurable, specifying which processes and organizational issues to be highlighted.

The current situation
Together with the customer, the current situation is identified in the identified processes where strengths, weaknesses, bottlenecks, inequalities, and manual steps in existing work processes, routines and systems are described. The zero-score analysis also highlights any differences in the respective process of the company or organization.

At this stage, you can proceed with analyzing the desired mode. The initial mode means that existing forces are lifted, identified weaknesses are improved or replaced with new process steps and / or new system functionality. The analysis work ie what improvements should be made together with the customer, and I will then propose improvements in process and systems.

The report provides a basis for further work on the actions that provide the highest value, clearly identified. In addition, I can assist with change management when introducing new processes and operating support for the new system solution.
It is up to you to decide if you then choose to make use of the proposed changes.

Project management

A successful project requires clear goals, structured planning and follow-up, ability to identify and avoid risks as well as smoothly managing changes. It also requires mature leadership to get both the team and other functions of the organization to work jointly towards the goals.

A successful project also requires an surrounding organization that supports and follows up. An environment that can determine which projects are to be run and which non-continuous follow-up of the project's results and actions, but also an environment that actively supports its project leader, helps the project navigate correctly in organization with customers and suppliers.

I get into the task quickly, whether it's a project or a program to succeed. We erase complexity, focus, engage team and organization towards common goals.

Production/operational Excellence

In production development, I have extensive competence and long experience, mainly in manufacturing, engineering, but also in the process industry and other industries. There are many companies growing and suffering from poor availability in machines and equipment, long lead times, poor delivery capacity, companies lacking clear and defined routines processes with many interruptions and waste hours in the business.

I help clarify the interface from order to delivery, optimize the flow process, improve productivity while ensuring delivery accuracy and raising quality levels. My approach is based very much on the methodology of LEAN SixSigma, where the DMAIC process is central.

(D = Define) (M = Measure) (A = Analyze) (I = Improve) (C = Control)

In recent years, I have had a large number of projects focused on:

  • Effective MPS
  • Streamline capacity / production planning
  • Change and or create new production layout
  • Change material handling inhouse
  • Increase productivity / efficiency
  • Shorten manufacturing time
  • Secure the deliveries
  • Increase the quality level
  • Implementation of 5S
  • Implementation of daily management
  • Organization Development

This has in turn boosted the profitability and competitiveness of these companies, you will find the results of my assignments under the References tab.

Foreign establishment

Swedish production continues to move abroad, mainly to the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and Asia, shows a survey conducted by Montell & Partners in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology. "It is above all cheaper labor costs that attract" The study, conducted just over a year ago, interviewed 100 major companies with manufacturing in Sweden where they plan to place their production for the European market by 2020. Most of the companies replied that they plan to move parts of production to the east.

The fact that companies relocate production in this way may have several explanations. Companies want cheaper labor and gain access to skills that are hard to find at home. Another explanation could be that companies want to get closer to the market and their customers.

I have experience in establishing companies and production units in Eastern Europe.

Recently I established a successful company in Serbia where I have established contacts, partly with the Export Council, but also with local authorities and contractors.

Industry / Focus Area

  • Industry
  • Stock
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Business
  • Organisation


  • CEO/VD
  • Operation Manager
  • Factory Manager
  • Site manager
  • Technical Production Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Project leader